Tips for Making Your Work-From-Home Setup More Comfortable

The Covid pandemic has seen a large increase of people all over the world moving to a work-from-home (WFH) setup. Restricted movements and fear of spreading the virus has meant that many businesses that could, transitioned their employees into a remote-working setup. A complete change of working environment will have come as a shock to many people. They may have gone from a fast-paced, loud environment, to working in their living room with nothing but the sound of their own mind to keep them company. Adjusting to an environmental change would also include changing the working space, so below we look at some tips to make a work-from-home setup more comfortable.

Get a comfortable chair

If you are going to spend the majority of your waking hours sitting down, you should ensure that it is on a comfortable chair. This may require a substantial investment if you choose a high-quality seat, but luckily for many, employers are often open to subsidising the cost of these. Good posture is an important aspect of maintaining good health and a good quality, ergonomic chair can be very beneficial for this.

Use a high-quality monitor

The chances are a WFH job will require a lot of staring at a screen dealing with emails and spreadsheets, so you will want to ensure that whatever you are looking at is easy on the eyes. Investing in a high resolution monitor that is a decent size and has a good refresh rate will do wonders for improving your efficiency and comfort. The great thing about modern monitors is their vast connectivity capabilities meaning you can use them as an extra screen, TV or even a conference room display. Aim for a screen around the 22 inch size if you work with spreadsheets.

Keep your desk clutter-free

Having a large desk is not always necessary as often this just means it becomes a magnet for clutter. Keeping your workspace organised will reduce any potential stress that could arise from struggling to find files or misplaced memory sticks. Only keep the essential items or equipment on the actual desktop and store non-essentials in a small box nearby but away from your immediate working space. Trust me, this will make your work much more manageable.

Maximize natural light and plants

Try to have as much natural light coming into your workspace as possible, as this is a good mood enhancer and will inevitably lead to a better quality of work. Often, offices are full of artificial light and filtered air, so working in a home environment would be a sharp change in air and lighting. By working in natural light and around plants, your body and mind will tend to become more relaxed rather than tense as you would find in an artificial environment. Also, by maximizing natural light, you will inevitably be using less electricity with your room lights – a win-win!

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